Faster cultivation, more residue preservation

Faster cultivation, more residue preservation

Remlinger Manufacturing rolls out the 9400 Cultivator designed for high-speed use.

Remlinger Manufacturing is rolling out the new 9400 Cultivator for high speed, high-residue and precision cultivation. The 9400 offers minimal soil disturbance with more residue left on the surface for soil conservation. The patented, wrenchless adjustments make the machine easier to adjust than competitive models. The cultivator works in many crops including corn, soybeans, tobacco, cotton, vegetables, and more. A wide variety of sweep shares are available to cultivate in many different soil types, row spacing and crop sizes.

The Remlinger Mfg. 9400 Cultivator has a range of innovative features for ease of use and higher productivity.

The 20-inch smooth coulter and gauge wheels are adjustable for depth in one of six possible positions. The design has the gauge wheels close to the sweep for better depth control and to hold down trash. Tall narrow shanks handle trash without plugging and the low-profile, flat shank and sweep design almost eliminates slabbing, for better travel through the field.

The 9400 can also be used for deep placing liquid manure.  Since it causes minimal soil disturbance, the 9400 places liquid waste under a layer of soil and residue where it is remains available to the plants. Learn more at

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