FDA Recalls Feed Over Melamine Concerns

An ingredient used in livestock and fish feeds may include melamine and related compounds.

The Food & Drug Administration announced the recall Wednesday of an ingredient used to make livestock and fish feed that may contain melamine and melamine-related compounds.

Dr. David Acheson, FDA's assistant commissioner for food protection, said the agency was informed by Uniscope Inc. that it had tested its ingredients and found melamine in binding agents it and a contract manufacturer produces. He said the source of the contamination was within the U.S. Acheson said Aquabond and Aqua-Tec2 (manufactured for Uniscope under contract by Tembec of Toledo, Ohio) and Xtra-bond (manufactured and marketed by Uniscope) were being recalled.

FDA was asking finished feed manufacturers to recall finished feeds made with Aquabond and Aqua-tec2, but finished feeds made with Xtrabond would be within the safety limits set in FDA's risk assessment. All three products are used to improve binding properties of pelleted feed.

Acheson says FDA does not believe the melamine had been used to alter protein content but, instead, to improve the binding properties of the pellet binders. He says the melamine levels in these products are much lower than those previously found in the contaminated wheat gluten and rice protein concentrates.

Source: Feedstuffs

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