Flood Waters Are Headed South

More rain is in store for the saturated Midwest.

Areas from northeast Texas to the lower Ohio Valley got soaked by heavy rains last week and continue to have problems with runoff, muddy fields and lowland flooding. According to U.S. Department of Agriculture meteorologist Brad Rippey that is going to be a concern for folks downstream over the next few days as a crest works its way south over the Ohio and Mississippi rivers.

"As a result we are going to see high water, not just in the lower Ohio Valley, but all the way down the middle and lower Mississippi Valley for several weeks to come as that water works its way through the system," Rippey says. "We're expecting that crest to finally work its way down to the New Orleans area by the end of the first week of April, officially the forecast is for April 8."

The channels in Louisiana are very wide, so Rippey says they are not expecting many problems there. However, more rain is expected later this week in the North, which is still dealing with flooding from last week's rains.

"We're looking at some significant rainfall developing on the order of two to three inches in some of the flood affected areas," Rippey says. "Mainly from the middle Mississippi Valley and the lower Ohio Valley stretching eastward through the northern Mid-Atlantic states, so the areas with the greatest threat of additional flooding would be particularly across the southern and eastern part of the Corn Belt."

Rippey says southern Illinois, southern Indiana, parts of Ohio and the flooded areas of Missouri could see another couple of inches of rain this week.

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