Follow-Up Planned for Food Summit

Public comments and further meetings on E. coli issues are being scheduled by FSIS.

A two-day summit on food safety this week in Washington D.C. has wrapped up. Discussion of ways to prevent E. coli outbreaks dominated the meetings and undersecretary of food safety Dr. Richard Raymond says the first step to moving those plans forward is to accept public comments. Those wishing to read a transcript of meetings and provide comments to the Food Safety Inspection Service should visit

In addition to accepting direction from the public, Raymond says other meetings will play a large role in future action by FSIS.

"I'm sure that there will subsequent meetings that will follow this meeting; some of which will be much more focused," Raymond says. "We'll probably have follow-up meetings that will address just the H0:157, or just the boxed-beef issue or just some new policy that we are going to propose based on the survey we did. We will have more dialogue; we will have more meetings, this is just to elevate it."

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