Global Markets React to Shutdown

Global Markets React to Shutdown

U.S. Grains Council reports it's working to maintain ag markets.

With Congress working toward a solution, the shutdown still drags on. The impact is wide-ranging and global markets are taking notice. According to a report from the U.S. Grains Council, international market reaction to the shutdown remains "cautiously mixed."

Marri Carrow, USGC director of communications, is overseas "telling major Asian markets that the United States is emphatically 'open for business,'" according to the export report.

OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Grain inspectors are on the job during the shutdown, to keep commodities moving.

The USGC report notes that the U.S. kept export inspectors on the job to ensure the ability to meet global grain demand. Even with the USDA website offline, traders were also relieved to find out the federal grain inspection reports would be released to the public.

You can check out all the actions taken to keep U.S. commodities flowing overseas just check out this USGC report.

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