Government Foible, Farm Bill Lapse and Hazardous Hammies

Government Foible, Farm Bill Lapse and Hazardous Hammies

7 things you might have missed this week

Need to catch up? Here are some stories you might have missed this week.

1. Shutdown shutters USDA, government services. Lawmakers failed to agree on a government spending bill this week, effectively putting government services on hold until an agreement is reached. That includes temporary elimination of several USDA services, like price reporting and Farm Service Administration offerings.

2. Farm bill slips away… for now. With the government shutdown front-and-center, the expiration of the farm bill on Sept. 30 took a back seat, leaving behind several valuable provisions for U.S. farmers. Though the effects won't necessarily be immediate, the bill remains top priority for farm groups.

Government Foible, Farm Bill Lapse and Hazardous Hammies - 7 things you might have missed this week

3. HSUS loses out on "other white meat" lawsuit. A U.S. District Court has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Humane Society regarding the sale of a popular advertising tagline. HSUS claimed the sale was unlawfully funneling pork checkoff money into lobbying efforts.

4. Here's the skinny on the Affordable Care Act.  ACA, also known as "Obamacare" to some, officially opened health insurance exchanges Tuesday. But what does it mean for farmers and ranchers? Southwest Farm Press' Ron Smith explains.

5. Limited price data from shutdown impacts markets. An extended government shutdown is likely to introduce inefficiencies in the agricultural commodity price discovery mechanism, Farm Futures' John Otte reports. While grain issues will likely be minimal, livestock markets could get complex.

6. Wild hogs gaining ground in the south. Producer Chris Lively has a conundrum on his hands – how to take care of the wild hog population gaining ground in Mississippi. Lively, who raises rice and corn, says collaborative efforts to control the populations can't come soon enough. Photo gallery

7. Commentary: Hallelujah! We have no government. While the government shutdown is sure to conjure mixed reactions, some folks are glad for it.

And your bonus:

More women gravitating to small-scale farming. More and more women are opting to start up niche farms thanks to the organic and farmers market boom. Many are choosing the small-scale farming option following layoffs or early retirement, USA Today reports.

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