Grants Available to Provide Broadband Access

Grants Available to Provide Broadband Access

Funding is being provided through Community Connect program.

USDA Rural Utilities Service Administrator Jonathan Adelstein says USDA is accepting applications for grants to provide broadband access in rural communities currently without broadband service.  Adelstein says this program connects school children to educational opportunities via the Internet in some of America's most remote locations. Grants range from $50,000 to $1.5 million. 

Funding is provided through the Community Connect Grant program and may be used to construct, acquire or lease facilities to deploy broadband to residents, businesses and essential community facilities such as police and fire stations, libraries, schools, and health care clinics.

Each project requires matching contributions, must serve a rural area where broadband service does not exist, must provide services to critical communities free of charge for two years, and must offer basic service to all premises within the proposed service area.

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