Great Plains launches vertical tillage website

Great Plains launches vertical tillage website

Website offers tips and information about vertical tillage

Great Plains recently launched a new vertical tillage web resource devoted to helping farmers understand the conservation tillage practice.

Visitors will learn the benefits of vertical tillage, including deeper root growth, improved plant heath, and increased yields, as well as how to assess soil health, identify true vertical tillage machines, and implement a true vertical tillage system.

The website features articles, videos, and research from various ag media sources, and provides a variety of perspectives on vertical tillage and its role in conservation agriculture.

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Great Plains Max Chisel vertical tillage tool

The vertical tillage web resource also offers customer stories and equipment information to help farmers select the best vertical tillage implement for their operation.

As conservation tillage becomes more prevalent in the ag industry, it is important to fully understand how vertical tillage implements impact soil health, Great Plains says.

Vertical tillage tools are designed to run fast and shallow, with the goal of cutting down on residue while leveling out the seedbed. Want to know more? Check out our free report 5 Tips You Need To Know About Vertical Tillage, for pointers on deciding if vertical tillage is right for you.

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