Herbicide Guide Available On ISU Weed Science Web Page

Herbicide Guide Available On ISU Weed Science Web Page

Weed management recommendations for 2013 from Iowa State University specialists is just a click away online.

The 2013 Herbicide Guide for Iowa Corn and Soybean Production (ISU's annual weed publication WC 94 that is updated each year) can now be accessed from the Iowa State University Weed Science web page. The publication provides an update of new herbicide products as well as an herbicide effectiveness chart for herbicides used in soybean and corn production.

BEAT WEEDS IN 2013: Weed control recommendations for Iowa (included in the annually updated ISU publication WC94) are now available on the Iowa State University weed science website. The publication includes an update on available herbicide products, as well as an effectiveness "week rating chart" for herbicides used in soybean and corn production in Iowa.

"Herbicide site of action and injury symptoms are described and information about herbicide group numbers is included," says ISU Extension weed management specialist Mike Owen. "A list of prepackage mixtures of herbicides is included. The current herbicide resistant weed situation in Iowa is described and a discussion about Palmer amaranth is provided."

If you have questions about the information in WC 94 or any other aspects of weed management, contact ISU Extension weed specialists Mike Owen at [email protected] or Bob Hartzler at [email protected].

You can participate in herbicide resistance and weed management tactics survey

Owen says farmers and agribusiness people interested in weed management are encouraged to participate in a special online survey. The survey is being conducted among Midwest corn and soybean growers by Kevin Bradley, a University of Missouri Extension weed scientist. Specifically, the survey is asking for input on adoption of cultural management practices across the Midwest in response to herbicide resistance.

"The survey is looking at the impacts of glyphosate resistant weeds and some of the changes that are occurring in weed management as a result of the increase in the incidence of glyphosate resistant weeds," Owen explains. "Information on the adoption of cultural management techniques to help manage these weeds is of great interest. The survey is only 12 questions and this information that is gathered will be most helpful in understanding weed management perspectives and actions."

The survey can be found here. The results of the survey will be presented at the Weed Science Society of America meetings.

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