Herbicide Guide For Corn, Soybeans Available

Herbicide Guide For Corn, Soybeans Available

Iowa State University Extension's new weed management publication is available as a free download pdf from the ISU website.

Weed management information along with the update of herbicide products and recommendations for 2011 is available from Iowa State University. There are two new publications that are very helpful that you need to check out, says ISU Extension weed management specialist Bob Hartzler.

The "2011 Herbicide Guide for Corn and Soybean Production" can be found at www.extension.iastate.edu/Publications/WC94.pdf. This publication is free when you print it off as a downloaded pdf. Information includes new herbicide products for 2011, herbicide weed control ratings, mode of action of herbicide products, information about tank mixes and much more.

The "Weed Identification Field Guide" is the other handy new publication that you'll want to have. It will come in handy especially when it comes time to identify the weeds that are popping up in your fields.

The "Weed Identification Field Guide" is available from the ISU Online Store at www.extension.iastate.edu/store. The publication number is CSI 0003. The cost is $15. The "Weed Identification Field Guide" includes images and descriptions of 56 broadleaf weeds and 19 grass and grass-like weeds. The 104-page booklet includes tools to aid in accurate weed identification as well as weed lifecycle and herbicide management and stewardship information.

It also includes detailed diagrams, including 24 illustrations, and more than 250 high-quality photographs of weeds common to Iowa.

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