I-LEAD Accepting Applications for Ag Leadership Class

It's a two-year program to help develop future leaders for Iowa agriculture.

Iowa men and women with a commitment to the future of Iowa agriculture and an interest in developing their leadership potential are invited to apply for Class IV of the Iowa Leadership Enhancement and Development or I-LEAD class. The program is sponsored by the Iowa Corn Growers Association and the Iowa Corn Promotion Board.

Each I-LEAD class meets for a series of nine workshops over a two-year period to build leadership skills. Sessions provide skills training and practice in areas like communications and decision-making. Participants in the class will learn from professionals and current leaders. The sessions feature speakers who help class members expand their understanding of Iowa agriculture and its place in the world.

Doug Holliday, chair of the ICGA/ICPB grassroots committee, emphasizes I-LEAD develops leaders for all of Iowa, not just the corn organizations. "With each class, we want to recruit people from a variety of backgrounds across agriculture. We want people who can bring different perspectives to the class and begin to build a network of leadership contacts. What class members share is that they care a lot about Iowa agriculture and its long-term success."

Program is open to all of Iowa agriculture

He is asking for help spreading word about this application opportunity. "Grassroots leadership has made Iowa agriculture what it is, but sometimes our 'best and brightest' people are sort of modest about their potential. If you know someone who belongs in this program, please urge them to check out I-LEAD and then send us an application.

"Look at the I-LEAD graduates and talk to them about the program," says Holliday. "I-LEAD is a great way Iowans can benefit themselves, our industry and our state." Each I-LEAD class can be as large as 20 people and meet for up to 35 days over two years. Meetings are scheduled to avoid planting and harvest and most sessions are in Iowa. At least two sessions will be scheduled outside of the state, and one may be an international study mission.

To participate, candidates must be Iowa residents and commit to attend all nine sessions. Most costs for the program are paid by ICPB and ICGA. I-LEAD class members are responsible for transportation costs between their homes and meeting locations within Iowa.

I-LEAD application forms and details are available by calling Iowa Corn at 515-225-9242 or on the Iowa Corn Web site www.iowacorn.org (click on "For Farmers" and "Grower Education"). Deadline for applications is July 15, and the new class appointments will be announced by early September.

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