Increased Penalty for Improper Livestock Transportation

Increased Penalty for Improper Livestock Transportation

Canada more than doubles the maximum fine.

The Government of Canada has raised substantially the current fines for those who mistreat and improperly transport livestock. Effective immediately, administrative penalties of up to $10,000 (Canadian) can be imposed on those who violate the Health of Animals Act. The previous maximum penalty was $4,000 (Canadian).  This is the first increase in penalties in 10 years.

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz says the agriculture industry knows that a healthy farm and processing business begins with healthy animals He says the government is providing the Canadian Food Inspection Agency with the tools it needs to impose tougher fines and improve animal welfare. The CFIA will retain the ability to increase fines by up to 50% of the maximum fine for repeat offenders, based on their five-year history.

Jurgen Preugschas, chairman of the Canadian Pork Council, says hog producers raise their animals following high standards to ensure a healthy, safe and high quality product and they want to ensure animals arrive at packing plants in the best condition possible. According to Preugschas it is in the producer's best interest to maintain this through transportation.

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