Iowa company earns top awards from Ag Engineering Society

Iowa company earns top awards from Ag Engineering Society

Hagie Manufacturing of Clarion receives three awards for outstanding product innovations.

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has presented three new products from Hagie Manufacturing with 2015 AE50 Outstanding Innovation Awards. The awards are presented annually to honor the year's most innovative designs in engineering products and systems for the food and agriculture industries.

INNOVATION: Three new ag machines made by Hagie Mfg. received 2015 innovation honors by the American Society of Ag and Biological Engineers. The awards were presented for a new cover crop interseeder CCI machine, Hagie's new STS sprayer with tracks, and a High-Speed Toolbar for nitrogen application.

The awards were announced earlier this week, as Hagie Mfg.'s Cover Crop Interseeder (CCI), High Speed Toolbar (HsTB) and STS with Tracks were presented with 2015 AE50 outstanding innovations awards at the 2015 ASABE Agricultural Equipment Technology Conference in Louisville, Ky. "It's an honor to have three very different products from Hagie Manufacturing recognized as AE50 award recipients in the same year. These designations are a testament to our team having a deep understanding of our customer, while also having the capability to quickly deliver innovative product solutions to the market," says Nick Rieck, director of engineering.

Annual awards recognize best advanced engineering for ag
Up to 50 products that will best advance engineering for the food and agriculture industries are selected as AE50 award recipients annually. ASABE is an international scientific and educational organization dedicated to the advancement of engineering applicable to agricultural, food and biological systems.

"The Hagie Manufacturing team is uniquely driven with the purpose of solving real problems. We come to work every day to provide new solutions to optimize our clients' profitability, while also encouraging best agricultural practices," says Mitch Redenius, research and development manager. "It is an honor for our product innovations to receive these designations, as they each will contribute to making a difference toward enhanced agricultural stewardship for generations to come."

A 68-year-old, family-owned firm solving farmers' problems
Hagie Manufacturing is located in Clarion, Iowa. As a 68-year-old, family owned manufacturer that is in the business of solving problems, the firm optimizes its customers' growth by providing the most innovative crop protection solutions in the agriculture industry, says Redenius. Since Ray Hagie's invention of the world's first self-propelled sprayer in 1947, today Hagie Manufacturing continues to build upon a rich heritage as an industry leader in the business of solving problems.


Innovative solutions and versatile attachments enhance capability for performing timely and precise full season crop protection, nitrogen application and cover crop seeding application for optimal soil health and maximum yield productivity.

Three ASABE AE50 Awards for Outstanding Product Innovation
"A company driven to doing meaningful work, Hagie Manufacturing's application solutions are purposeful tools to drive economic benefits, while also performing responsible stewardship and best agricultural practices," says Amber Kohlhaas, communications director for the company. "A foundation with family owned values built around employees, customers and innovation delivers a superior customer experience, while inspiring sustained growth and success."

About Hagie's Cover Crop Interseeder: The CCI is a new cover crop interseeder that boosts the versatility of Hagie STS sprayers. Many soil and plant health benefits can be attributed to the use of cover crops, such as reduced soil erosion, increased nutrient sequestration, minimized soil compaction and increased nitrogen production for future crop use. The CCI incorporates boom hosing and a Gandy dry box for below-canopy broadcast seeding of cover crops. The machine increases the farmer's return on investment, protects soil health, maximizes seedling stands, and protects inputs by performing timely and precise seeding applications.

About Hagie's STS with Tracks: A Hagie STS sprayer equipped with the new tracks system is a full-season application solution for a superior combination of traction and comfort with minimal soil disturbance and reduced compaction. The tracks impact the field with a footprint close to that of the human foot, applying less than .05 MPa (8.5 psi) to the ground. This technology allows the operator to extend the application window while minimizing the impact to the field.

About Hagie's H-Speed Toolbar: With narrowing application windows, performing split nitrogen applications on a large number of acres can present challenges during the application season. Hagie's new High-Speed Toolbar or HsTB is a low-draft front toolbar that offers a solution for efficiently applying nitrogen at a higher application speed during early growth stages.

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