Iowa Egg Industry Center Looking To Fund Research Projects

Iowa Egg Industry Center Looking To Fund Research Projects

Deadline to submit pre-proposals for projects is June 21; food safety, changes in housing, animal welfare are hot topics.

The Egg Industry Center at Iowa State University is seeking pre-proposals to fund up to $100,000 for research projects pertaining to egg production. "At a time when government research funds are tightening, the Egg Industry Center plans to help the industry expand its research in 2014 and beyond," says Hongwei Xin, director of the center and an Iowa State University professor. 

NO. 1 EGG PRODUCER: Iowa is the nation's leading egg producing state. A new ISU study shows the various economic benefits eggs provide to Iowa. "The economic impact of Iowa's egg farms helps us understand the important role animal agriculture plays in the Iowa economy," says Kevin Vinchattle, who heads the Iowa Egg Council.

Researchers and other interested applicants can find pre-proposal information at the Egg Industry Center website. The deadline for pre-proposals is June 21. "Food safety, changes in housing, animal welfare, environmental impact and production economics, all of these are important to the center's board," Xin says.

The Egg Industry Center Board of Directors consists of producers, industry and academic leaders from across the United States and Canada. The group has identified a list of potential research areas or topics relevant to the industry and this list is available to those who are submitting pre-proposals. The center was established at Iowa State University in 2008 to add value to the egg industry by facilitating research and learning for egg producers, processors and consumers through national and international collaboration.

Celebrate May Egg Month: Eggs Are A Great Food for the Iowa Economy

Iowa's egg farmers lead the nation in egg production and in egg processing. This year the Iowa men and women involved in producing eggs will see some 15 billion eggs laid.

"We know that eggs are delicious, versatile and economical," says Kevin Vinchattle, Iowa Egg Council executive director. Eggs provide the least cost per serving of high-quality protein plus 13 vitamins and minerals. But, in addition to being a great food for people, they also feed the Iowa economy.

The Iowa State University report, "Economic Importance of the Iowa Egg Industry", shows the following contributions to Iowa's economy:

*   More than $2.02 billion in total sales (all economic activity associated with egg production and processing)

*   More than $657 million in value added to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 

*   More than $424 million in personal income

*   Nearly 8,000 direct and indirect jobs 

*   A $19.3 million contribution to state general tax revenues each year

Vinchattle says the report shows the positive value-added impact of eggs. "We are learning more all the time about the increased nutritional benefits of eggs, like lower cholesterol and higher vitamin D. But this report also illustrates other benefits eggs provide to our state," he adds.

Vinchattle says the economic impact of Iowa's egg farms helps us understand the important role animal agriculture plays in the Iowa economy. "Iowa is an ideal place for producing food. We have more mouths to feed every day. Eggs are a great food and our farmers feed the Iowa economy as well. It's just a natural win-win all around." For more information on eggs, visit the Iowa Egg Council website.

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