Iowa Family Wins Free Groceries For A Year

Iowa Family Wins Free Groceries For A Year

Webster City family will receive this gift from Iowa farmers, thanks to Iowa Farm Bureau Federation's "America Needs Farmers Great Grocery Giveaway."

An Iowa family from Webster City is the winner of the "Free Groceries for a Year" promotion sponsored by the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation. The winner, whose name was drawn at random from thousands of Iowa consumer registrations during October, is Tracy Queen from Webster City, Iowa. Queen received her award Nov. 19 at the Webster City Hy-Vee.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING: Just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, a lucky family from Webster City will enjoy free groceries for a year from their local Hy-Vee through the America Needs Farmers $5,000 Great Grocery Giveaway courtesy of Iowa farmers and the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation. Tracy Queen's name was selected at random November 19 as the winner.

Queen, a mother of three, civil clerk at the sheriff's office, and photographer for the local paper is a busy Iowan, but she's always open to a learning experience. Queen and her husband, Phil, visited the ANF website after learning about the opportunity to win free groceries for a year. Once there, they also learned more about the people who raise the food she buys for her family at the store.

Great Grocery Giveaway is fun and educational, helping families learn about farming and where food comes from

"I loved being able to learn more about the Iowa farm families that are producing our food today," said Queen. "Before taking off-the-farm jobs, my parents farmed, so I have the upmost respect and appreciation for farmers. We enjoyed the website tour of Stephanie Dykshorn's dairy farm in western Iowa. We have three children, so keeping milk in the refrigerator at home is a must."

The ANF Great Grocery Giveaway website features beef cattle, corn, dairy cattle, hog and soybean farmers from across the state, each sharing information about their farm and family. The campaign also featured the farmers on Facebook and Twitter.

"My family joined the ANF campaign and hosted a tour because we understand that while not everyone is involved in raising food, nearly everyone is interested in seeing how animals are cared for, how crops are raised and how we protect Iowa's resources," explained Laura Hommel, whose family raises hogs, corn and soybeans in Grundy County. "The website offers that opportunity for consumers of all ages throughout Iowa, many of whom have never been on a farm."

Iowa farm families are featured on the "America Needs Farmers" website

Queen agreed, "I think the interactive farm tours on the website were a great way to learn more about where our food comes from before arriving at the grocery store."  Queen will have a few opportunities to celebrate winning and share what she learned with family over the next few weeks.  "We are hosting holiday meals at our house this year, so the timing is perfect to win the ANF Great Grocery Giveaway," she said.

Although the winner has been chosen, Iowans can still visit the ANF website to learn more about how food is grown and raised by taking virtual tours of different types of family farms.

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