Iowa Soybean Harvest Nearly Done, Corn 75% Complete

Iowa Soybean Harvest Nearly Done, Corn 75% Complete

Weekly USDA survey shows Iowa harvest advancing ahead of normal as farmers hurry to get 2013 crop in the bin.

Iowa's 2013 soybean harvest is nearly finished at 95% complete, and corn harvest is about 75% complete. Corn harvest advanced rapidly statewide last week, according to the weekly USDA statewide survey results as of November 3. The Iowa 5-year average for corn is 71% and soybeans 91%. Nationally, 86% of the soybeans and 73% of corn were harvested as of November 3, 2013.

SOYBEAN HARVEST WRAPPING UP: Iowa's 2013 corn crop is now 75% harvested, while soybeans are 95% complete as of November 3. Nationally, the latest USDA survey shows 86% of the U.S. soybean crop and 73% of the corn has been harvested.

"Harvest continues at a rapid pace resulting in corn and soybean harvesting progress ahead of average for the first time this year," notes Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey. "High moisture content of corn grain and limited propane supplies have created some challenges for farmers needing to dry down the crop for storage."

Soybean harvest is wrapped up and by most accounts in the area Jeff Blauwet covers in the far northwest corner of Iowa. An agronomist with Farmers Elevator at Doon, he reports "this was one of the best yielding bean years we've had. Corn harvest has been in high gear when it hasn't been raining. By November 1 we were about 70% finished with corn. We've had quite a few damp, drizzly, overcast days lately and the corn seems to have taken on a little more moisture because of it."

Corn grain drying in bins or with drying equipment is needed, but less compared to what was anticipated a month ago

Most corn is running 17% to 22% in that far northwest Iowa area so some grain drying is going on but it is much less of a problem compared to what it looked like it would be a month ago. Corn yields, much like soybeans, are excellent in most of that area. The good ground is reported to be running 200 to 220 bushels per acre.~~~PAGE_BREAK_HERE~~~

The complete weekly Iowa Crops & Weather report is available on the Iowa Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship's website or on USDA's site. The report summary follows here:

CROP REPORT: Corn harvest advanced rapidly in Iowa during the week ending November 3, 2013, according to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service survey. With corn harvest advancing ahead of the normal pace, this marked the first time all season corn progress was ahead of the 5-year average. Statewide there were 4.7 days suitable for fieldwork. Other activities for the week included fall tillage, manure hauling, and nitrogen application. Some farmers were waiting to harvest high moisture corn or were storing it on-farm to avoid extra drying costs.

Iowa corn crop now 75% harvested, while soybean harvest is 95% complete

Recent rains and cool weather improved soil moisture levels. Topsoil moisture levels as of Nov. 3 for a statewide average rated 14% very short, 29% short, 56% adequate and 1% surplus. Subsoil moisture levels rated 26% very short, 38% short, 35% adequate and 1% surplus. Grain movement from farm to elevator was rated 56% moderate to heavy. Also, 95% of Iowa reported adequate or surplus off-farm grain storage availability and 87% reported adequate or surplus on-farm grain storage availability.

Iowa farmers harvested 20% of their 2013 corn crop for the second week in a row. Statewide 75% of the corn has now been harvested, 4 percentage points ahead of normal. Soybean harvest increased 8 percentage points and stands at 95% complete, 4 days ahead of normal.~~~PAGE_BREAK_HERE~~~

Pasture condition rated 22% very poor, 28% poor, 32% fair, 17% good and 1% excellent as of Nov. 3, 2013. Some farmers report they are weaning calves and moving livestock to graze on corn stubble. Hay supplies are considered 15% short, 76% adequate, and 9% surplus across Iowa with half rated in good condition.

IOWA PRELIMINARY WEATHER SUMMARY—for week ending November 3, 2013

By Harry Hillaker, State Climatologist, Iowa Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship

Temperatures over the past reporting week averaged right at seasonal normal—with extremes varying from a Sunday (Oct. 27) afternoon high of 70 degrees at Sioux City to lows of 22 degrees at Elkader and Maquoketa on the next Sunday (Nov. 3) morning. Dry weather prevailed statewide on Sunday (Oct. 27) and Saturday (Nov. 2). Light rain fell over far western Iowa on Monday (Oct. 28) and across the west one-third of the state on Tuesday (Oct. 29).

Weekly rain totals varied from a trace at St. Ansgar to 3.56 inches at Centerville

Rain fell statewide on Wednesday (Oct. 30) with just sprinkles or very light accumulations over the far north to widespread amounts over two inches across the southeast one-quarter of the state. Light rain persisted over the southeast one-half of Iowa on Thursday (Oct. 31) with scattered light rain over the south one-half on Friday (Nov. 1). Weekly rain totals varied from just a trace at Saint Ansgar to 3.56 inches at Centerville. The statewide average precipitation was 0.82 inches while normal for the week is 0.55 inches. Soil temperatures as of Sunday (Nov. 3) were averaging in the mid-40's statewide.

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