ISU 2013 Weed Science Field Day Cancelled

ISU 2013 Weed Science Field Day Cancelled

Annual Weed Science Field Day scheduled for June 27 at Ames has been cancelled because of wet weather, delayed planting, ISU Extension scientist says.

The Iowa State University Weed Science Field Day scheduled for June 27 at Ames has been cancelled. "As you are likely aware, the anticipated drought for 2013 has evaporated," says Mike Owen, ISU Extension weed scientist. "Unfortunately, the rain that restored the water table has put planting in Iowa behind. There is still considerable acreage of corn and soybeans that has yet to be planted across the state and central Iowa likely represents the worst case. Records for the amount of rain in a spring and in May have been broken this year and the accumulation of growing degree days lags far behind the normal situation."

WASHED OUT: The Iowa State University Weed Science Field Day scheduled for June 27 has been cancelled. Field books will be available after June 27 at the ISU Curtiss Farm Pesticide Mixing Facility on South State Street in Ames.

With regard to the Iowa State University Weed Science program, Owen reported that as of June 5 most of the corn trials have been established at the Curtiss farm in Ames but there are still many that have yet to be planted. "Similarly, we have not been able to plant soybean trials yet this year at the Curtiss farm," says Owen. "Given the rain we received overnight, it is unlikely that even with the best of drying conditions, we will be back in the field by June 12."

Field books of the weed control plots will be available after June 27

It is suggested that most plots may be at an appropriate stage of development for viewing by the second week of July. Some of the earlier corn trials might be a bit beyond prime time, so two trips may be necessary to view all experiments at the best time. "We will make field books available after June 27; they can be picked up at the Curtiss Farm Pesticide Mixing Facility on South State Street in Ames," says Owen.~~~PAGE_BREAK_HERE~~~

Experiments will be labeled and a map with directions to the field locations will be included in the field book. If you make arrangements in advance, someone will be available to take you to the field. "I apologize for this decision but I feel that it would be a waste of everyone's time to attend an event on June 27," he adds. "If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 515-294-5936 or send me an email at [email protected]."

Iowa State University specialty crop field days are June 18 and 19

Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms will host field days June 18 and 19 focusing on field and horticultural crops and maintaining timbered areas.

* The Muscatine Island Research and Demonstration Farm will be the site of the June 18 field day, beginning at 5:30 p.m. The farm is located at 111 North St. in Fruitland. Scheduled events begin with a wagon tour of the farm including presentations on field and horticultural crops. A dinner follows at 6:45 p.m. Ajay Nair, an assistant professor of horticulture, and Vince Lawson, farm superintendent at the Muscatine Island farm, are coordinating the program.

* The June 19 field day will begin at 12:30 p.m. at the Brayton Memorial Research Forest, near Delhi in Delaware County. The program, coordinated by Jesse Randall, an assistant professor of natural resource ecology and management, includes a walking tour of the forest and presentations on controlling ticks, prescribed burning, forest road construction, reducing erosion in timber, timber sales and tree harvesting and replanting. 

Directions to the Brayton Forest: From Hopkinton, go north on Highway 38, take the first gravel road right and go 0.4 miles north. Turn east past the old building site and go about half a mile to the end of the road. The farm begins at the end of the road and lies to the east. Look for the ISU field day sign at the Highway 38 and 270th Avenue intersection.

The complete list of ISU field days scheduled for this year is available here.

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