JCB 3230 Comes to the U.S. as Xtra

JCB 3230 Comes to the U.S. as Xtra

Road-worthy tractor features brains and brawn.

JCB introduced its 3230 Xtra in the United States last week, after launching the machine in Europe in June, 2010.

The new model has full suspension, high road speed capability, equal weight distribution, systems capability and a well-proportioned cab. Other new features include a 24-speed P-tronic transmission with cruise control, Xtra-Drive (clutchless driving), variable flow hydraulics, Xenon worklight option, Quick Coupled air brakes, and updated air-conditioning.

JCB's new Fastrac 3230 Xtra is coming to the U.S. after being launched in Europe last year.

The 3230 Xtra features an engine torque boost up to 22% over previous models, and sports a power boost feature that allows up to 270 horsepower in the top two gears for greater acceleration at higher road speeds and when climbing hills..

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