John Deere rolls out cellular RTK tool

John Deere rolls out cellular RTK tool

Service to offer more precise correction in a wider area, including rolling hills and farms surrounded by woods.

John Deere continues ot ramp up its game in the precision ag biz with the announcement of cellular RTK. With this service if the producer can get a cell signal, they can get real-time kinematic GPS correction which is available anywhere, rather than from single-point-to-point systems. The new service requires that you have a Starfire 3000 receiver and JDLink Connect-enabled Modular Telematics Gateway to get access to the system.

With cellular RTK John Deere customers will have access to precision correction in a variety of locations.

The system is supported by Leica Geosystems, and eliminates the need for line-of-sight visibility to a single station. This can mean improved operational accuracy and connection reliability when working in hilly or rugged terrain, or in areas with significant tree cover. For farmers working across different fields in wider areas, they'll find that with this system they have seamless roaming anywhere on the Mobile RTK Network.

The system is available in some regions with plans to roll it out across the country. This is a supplemental service to the radio-based RTK correction many dealers now offer. To make the system work you will need an RTK-activated STarFire 3000 receiver, JDLink Connect-enabled Modular Telematics Gateway and a John Deere Mobile RTK Signal subscription. You can learn more at

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