Keeping implements in the row

Keeping implements in the row

LaForge launches a new active hitch providing active implement guidance.

LaForge offers a new guided hitch which is an active implement  guidance planter solution and is being sold by John Deere for its 1770NT, 1775NT, 1790 and 1795 planters. The active hitch replaces the John Deere factory planter hitch and offers improved steering response. Ground clearance with the new hitch is just 3.5-inches lower than the factory hitch. And the hitch uses maintenance free composite bushings for longer life.

The LaForge active hitch enhances steering for autoguidance systems and keeps implements in the row.

The hydraulic cylinder in this active hitch offers up to 20-inches of hitch movement, which helps you stay on track on rolling ground. Key benefits of the hitch, according to LaForge, include reduced planting side-hill drift; reduce subsequent crop damage for spraying, side-dressing and harvesting. Learn more at 855-408-3332.

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