MarketMaker Has Handy Tools You Can Use

MarketMaker Has Handy Tools You Can Use

Take a tour of MarketMaker website by viewing videos highlighting everything MarketMaker has to offer. It is an online tool connecting family shoppers with farmers and everyone in between--including restaurants and grocery stores.

MarketMaker is an online tool connecting family shoppers with farmers and everyone in between – including restaurants and grocery stores. Take a website tour by viewing recently released videos highlighting everything MarketMaker has available. The videos, created by Iowa State University Extension, make it easy to use MarketMaker via the Internet – just visit and click the MarketMaker video link.

Family shoppers can use the MarketMaker website to search for restaurants or places to buy everything from freshly picked or pick-your-own produce, to maple syrup and wine. Farmers can search for farmers' markets, grocery stores and other outlets to sell their food products. The videos explain in detail how to conduct searches and use the website.

Videos demonstrate Internet supply/demand tool for farmers, markets and consumers

"MarketMaker began as an online database of Illinois businesses and was so successful that now other states have joined the effort," says Craig Tordsen, an Iowa State University Extension specialist who works with the program. "The University of Illinois developed and owns the tool but the multi-state partnership that is able to pool large amounts of food industry data and provide it to the public really adds value to the resource."

The Iowa MarketMaker site is located at From there, visitors can search for restaurants, grocery stores, farms and other production facilities across several states. "It's more than a directory of information. It has interactive features like mapping and search capabilities so users can really target and focus on the data that they need," says Tordsen.

Each state has a unique site but all the data from other MarketMaker states can be accessed from any state MarketMaker location. The national MarketMaker link at, hosted by the national Agricultural Resource Center at Iowa State University, provides a clickable map of the entire United States. Participating states are highlighted, making it easy for users to navigate from state to state or to regionalize their data searches.

Iowa farms and businesses can sign up for free listing on Iowa website

Iowa farms and businesses are urged sign up for a free listing by registering on the Iowa MarketMaker website

"Our goal is to make the site a resource for all farmers and businesses in the food supply chain," says Tordsen. "We are as interested in helping a grocery store find farm-fresh eggs as we are in helping the farmer find a place to sell them, so it's important to include as many producers in our database as possible."

For more information about MarketMaker, contact any member of the development team:

Craig Tordsen is manager of the Value-Added Agriculture Program at ISU; Linda Naeve is an ISU horticulturist who works with the Value-Added Ag Program; Christa Hartsook is the communications specialist for the Value-Added Ag Program. She can be reached at 515-294-4430 or [email protected].

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