May Agriculture Crossword

Wallace Farmer crossword puzzle.

By John Creswell

You can read the May 2008 issue of Wallaces Farmer to find clues for this puzzle. These questions are based on the articles in that magazine. For the correct answers to the puzzle, click HERE.

Download crossword puzzle HERE.

1 Estimate this first before replanting soybeans.
4 This ISU website has been updated (2 words).
5 Scapegoat for higher food prices.
6 "The Final Season" is all about this Iowa town's baseball teams.
9 Increasing due to rising machinery and fuel costs (2 words).
12 Farmers miss his Iowa Public Radio program.
14 The protection level provided by this program hasn't changed (acronym).
16 Wet spring soils could mean large _______ losses.
17 Soybean disease present in compacted, no-till fields (acronym).
18 Run side-by-side foliar _________ trials to see if corn yields increase.

2 Small businesses market products and services over this.
3 Iowans remain concerned about _____ quality.
4 Don't ignore this when planting soybeans.
7 Identifying this soybean disease has been overhauled. (4)
8 May is Iowa ____ month.
10 A living ____ fence keeps roadways open during the winter.
11 Largest U.S. beef export market.
13 Received National Hometown Hero Award.
15 This program develops future ag leaders (acronym).

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