More Iowa Farm Women can Participate in Annie's Project

More Iowa Farm Women can Participate in Annie's Project

Nineteen Annie's project courses are made possible by Farm Credit Services of America in collaboration with ISU Extension.

Farm Credit Services of America's collaboration with and financial support of Annie's Project will provide 19 farm transition and business management courses for women farmers and ranchers across Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming in 2013. FCSAmerica's collaboration effort includes a total pledge of financial support for $60,000.

WOMEN IN FARMING: Iowa women farmers will have additional opportunities to participate in Annie's Project course, thanks to financial support from Farm Credit Services of America. Standard courses offered in this program focus on all five areas of risk management; financial, human resources, legal, marketing and production.

The 19 courses include Annie's Project Level I standard course and the Annie's Project Level II courses, titled "Managing for Today and Tomorrow." Standard courses focus on all five areas of risk management; financial, human resources, legal, marketing and production. The Managing for Today and Tomorrow courses expand on human resources and legal risk management through succession, business, estate and retirement planning for farm and ranch women. For delivery of the courses, FCSAmerica is partnering with USDA's Beginning Farm and Ranch Development Program, Iowa State University Extension, South Dakota State University, University of Nebraska and University of Wyoming Extension.

"Having worked with farm women for 25 years, I've seen the benefits of offering transitioning information firsthand," says Angie Lowe, FCSAmerica financial officer and member of the curriculum development team. I know the guidance they are looking for and the state-level curriculum provided by local educators fits the need."

"Managing for Today and Tomorrow" is special program to help women become involved in farm transitioning from one generation to the next

Managing for Today and Tomorrow is a specialized program designed to help women farmers and ranchers become involved in the journey to transitioning the farm or ranch. The 12-hour specialized courses spans five sessions and evolved from the needs expressed by women participating in standard Annie's Project courses across the country. To maintain the integrity of Annie's Project, the newly-funded course curriculum was built on the successful educational methods of the standard course and strengths of partners and collaborators.~~~PAGE_BREAK_HERE~~~

"Farm transitioning is not intuitive or easy to do. Women farmers and ranchers benefit from lecture, discussions and activities in the comfort of a small group of peers from all generations, "says Tim Eggers, co-director for the Annie's National Network Initiative for Educational Success at Iowa State University. "The program is developed by people who care deeply about helping farm families prepare for and successfully manage farm and ranch transitions."

Gary Matteson, Farm Credit Council vice president for Young, Beginning and Small Farmer programs, calls FCSAmerica's support a tremendous opportunity for helping farmers succeed. 'Locally, FCSAmerica brings knowledge of community financial issues and allows women to learn in the best possible environment and form networks with people who can help them solve problems." The Farm Credit National Contributions Program is providing additional national project support for participant materials.

Annie's Project, an ag risk management education program for women, was started by Ruth Hambleton in 2003 when she was a University of Illinois Extension farm business management and marketing specialist. Hambleton recognized that the unique learning preferences of women often aren't served through traditional farm management education programs. Annie's Project, created in tribute to Hambleton's mother, Annette "Annie" Fleck, sets up multisession courses in farm communities. Annie's Project has successfully reached more than 8,000 women farmers and ranchers in 32 states. For information about Annie's Project, visit ISU Extension online.

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