More Market Access for U.S. Beef

Indonesia and Barbados open door for beef imports.

On Wednesday the countries of Indonesia and Barbados gave full market access to U.S. beef and beef products of all ages. These decisions comply with international health guidelines.

"Indonesia is setting a standard for other Asian nations by agreeing to import U.S. beef and beef products consistent with World Organization for Animal Health guidelines," acting Agriculture Secretary Chuck Conner says. "Much like our recent agreement with the Philippines in November, this agreement with Indonesia emphasizes that we will continue to press for full market access for U.S. beef and beef products of all ages throughout the Pacific Rim."

Conner was also pleased with the move by the Barbados minister of agriculture to open the nation to U.S. beef. According to Conner, Barbados is one of the strongest economies in the Caribbean with large per capita incomes and more than half of their gross domestic product coming from tourism.

"More than 100 countries now allow the entry of at least some U.S. beef and beef products, a result of intensive efforts by USDA to regain market access," Conner says. "With this agreement, Barbados and Indonesia signal their determination to be guided by the same international standards that help to deliver top quality cuts of U.S. beef and beef products to consumers and retailers around the world."

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