More Rain Coming for South and Midwest

Significant delays in spring planting.

Farmers across much of the nation are still struggling with soggy fields and flooding and it may get worst before it gets better.

"By April 3 and 4 we are looking at the possibility of another four to six inches of rain across the mid-South and lower Midwest," says U.S. Department of Agriculture meteorologist Brad Rippey.

That additional rain is sure to cause even more significant delays for planting.

"In the Missouri Bootheel this time last year we were looking at 45% of corn acreage being planted," Rippey says. "This year only 1%, so we are looking at major fieldwork delays throughout the mid-South and lower Midwest, with another big storm lined up for later this week.

Even beyond this week, Rippey forecasts more wet weather in April making for a very slow start to planting this year.

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