More Rain Likely in Corn Belt

Rain should be mostly to the North avoiding previously flooded areas.

Farmers in the Northern Corn Belt can expect some pretty heavy rain this week. USDA Meteorologist says anywhere from two to six inches of rain is likely to stretch from Nebraska to Michigan, but should steer clear of previously flooded areas such as Missouri and Illinois.

"Certainly beneficial rain will be falling in places like Minnesota where it has not been nearly as wet this summer and the rain will be welcomed," Rippey says. "As you head to the west and get into the plains there could be some disruptions in winter wheat harvesting in Nebraska as well as part of the Dakotas."

According to Rippey, with the exception of a small corner of Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan, this week's rain will not affect the areas hit by floods earlier this year. Most of those areas will see hot dry weather this week.

TAGS: Wheat
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