More Wetlands Incentives Available

USDA is offering incentive payments under CRP in several areas.

Producers with Conservation Reserve Program acres are being encouraged to practice enhanced wetland and bottomland hardwood conservation. According to Farm Service Agency Deputy Administrator John Johnson, incentive payments are being offered on several practices covered under CRP.

"Bottomland hardwoods, flood plain wetlands, and non-flood plain wetlands as well as our duck nesting habitat practice," says Johnson. "Those four practices will be eligible for these new incentive payments, which will total $204 million over 10 years."

The incentive payments within the four areas are broken down into three categories.

"There's a practice incentive payment of 40% of the cost of establishing the practice, a signing incentive of $100 an acre, as well an enhanced soil rental rate of 20% over the normal soil rental rate," Johnson says. "These three incentives will apply to each of these four wetland restoration practices under the CRP program."

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