NCGA Grower Leaders Meeting in St. Louis

NCGA Grower Leaders Meeting in St. Louis

Meeting focuses on upcoming issues and developing policy recommendations.

Members of the six action teams and committees of the National Corn Growers Association are meeting in St. Louis to discuss the issues that will affect farmers heading into 2011.  NCGA President Bart Schott, a grower from Kulm, North Dakota, points out that the December annual meeting helps the organization explore upcoming issues and begin developing policy recommendations while providing a face-to-face forum for grower leaders to share ideas and build relationships.

The teams and committees will define, implement and measure program actions in their areas of expertise - biotechnology and trade, ethanol, public policy, production and stewardship, research and business development, and grower services. This deeper knowledge allows the team members to serve as both experts and advisors helping to guide the organization's activities in a hands-on manner while maintaining the nuanced oversight that leads to success.

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