Pro and con GMO marchers take to streets

Pro and con GMO marchers take to streets

March Against Myth supporters take on March Against Monsanto.

Shouts of “Hey hey. Ho Ho” echoed across Federal Plaza in Chicago Memorial Day weekend  as dueling demonstrations chanted slogans, waved placards and competed to sway public opinion on the GMO issue. This time, however, there were two sides to the debate in the streets. March Against Myths tried to counter arguments against biotechnology made by the March Against Monsanto using similar tactics. Though outnumbered, the pro-GMO activists tried to present the other side of the story.

The March Against Monsanto in Chicago was one of a series organizers said were scheduled around the world. March Against Myths took place in several of those U.S. cities.

GMO protest draws both supporters and detractors. Check out the video.

Organized by a research geneticist, a science writer and a former anti-GMO activist, March Against Myths is designed to counter what they say is misinformation spread by anti-GMO campaigners. For more information go to, on Twitter @MAMyths or

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