ProAG Unveils Pair of Heavy-Duty Bale Haulers

ProAG Unveils Pair of Heavy-Duty Bale Haulers

Changing industry calls for more efficient transportation tools.

With the increase in demand for biomass for ethanol production, growers are interested in more efficient transportation of forage-based products over the highway.

ProAG is meeting that challenge with a pair of new efficient bale haulers -- the ProAG 16K PLUS bale runner for large square bales and the ProAG 900 Hay Hiker for round bales.

The 16K PLUS carries twice the load of smaller units and picks up two bales per loader cycle and unloads the entire load at once. It handles bales 6.5' to 8.5' long and has a loader capacity of 4,500 lbs. Maximum load is 18,000 lbs. ProAG recommends a 180 horsepower tractor for optimum performance of the 16K.

ProAG 900 Hay Hiker is one of two new efficient bale carriers the firm is launching this season. This round-bale hauler is joined by the 16K PLUS Bale Runner for large square bales.

The 900 Hay Hiker will haul 13,623 lbs. and features a heavy-duty loading arm to retrieve and haul round bales. The operator can approach a bale from nearly any direction, turn it and load it all in one operation. A tractor of 120 hp. is recommended for the 900.

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