Retrofit Chain to Reduce Trash

Calmer Corn Heads rolls out a 6-tooth gathering chain drive sprocket.

Calmer Corn Heads, Inc., is ready for harvest this year with a 6-tooth gathering chain drive sprocket retrofit for John Deere 40 and 90 Series corn heads.

The replacement for the stock 8-tooth sprocket reduces chain speed and wear by 25%, and allows a similar percentage increase in stalk ejection – meaning less trash intake.
Company officials say improving chain lug synchronization to ground speed will also boost harvest efficiency and the ability to harvest downed corn.

For more information call (309) 629-9000 or visit Calmer's Web site at:  

A 6-tooth sprocket for the gathering chain on John Deere 40 and 90 Series cornheads offers improved harvest efficiency and less trash intake by slowing the chain speed. The retrofit sprocket kit is available from Calmer Corn Heads, Inc.

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