Seeds May be in Short Supply

Farmers may have trouble finding enough seed to meet planting plans.

With record crop prices, producers are trying to plant as much acreage as they can this spring, but according to North Dakota State University economist Cole Gustafson finding the seed to plant those acres may not be easy.

"Last year many people who raise commodities for seed production ended up selling it for grain rather than cleaning and processing it and making it available to seed growers this year," Gustafson says. Because of that some areas may face seed shortages.

"It's obviously going to be a concern because this year we are looking at expanded acreage for many of the national crops," Gustafson says. "As a consequence demand for seed is rising just from the perspective of increased acreage. To the extent that we have a lower supply along with that is kind of a double-whammy situation."

In addition to seed being high-priced, analysts expect overall inputs for producers to increase by 9% with a jump of 18% in the cost of fertilizer.

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