Seven New Members Join National Dairy Board

The new members and five reappointed incumbents begin three-year terms.

One third of the 36-member National Dairy Promotion and Research Board will begin their three-year terms on November 1. Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns announced the appointment of seven new members and five reappointed incumbents to the board on Wednesday.

Newly appointed were: Lawrence A. Hancock, Muleshoe, Texas (Region 4); Paul L. Kent, Mora, Minn. (Region 5); Peter J. Kappelman, Two Rivers, Wis. (Region 6); Randy G. Roecker, Loganville, Wis. (Region 6); Larry G. Purdom, Purdy, Mo. (Region 7); Rita P. Kennedy, Valencia, Pa., (Region 11); and Sanford Stauffer, Nicholville, N.Y. (Region 12).

Reappointed to serve second terms were: Elizabeth I. Anderson, Onalaska, Wash. (Region 1); Mary E. Cameron, Hanford, Calif. (Region 2); Kimberly K. Clauss, Hilmar, Calif. (Region 2); William C. Stouder, Wendell, Idaho (Region 3); and Donald E. Gurtner, Fremont, Ind. (Region 9).

The board administers a program of promotion, research and nutrition education, and is authorized to design programs to strengthen the dairy industry's position in domestic and foreign markets. A mandatory 15-cent per hundredweight assessment on milk marketed commercially by dairy farmers finances the board.

The board is made up of dairy farmers from 13 regions of the contiguous states. USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service, which monitors the operation of the board, encourages all eligible individuals to participate in its committee and board activities.

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