Soybean export sales on a roll

Soybean export sales on a roll

United Soybean Board reports strong final soy and soy product export total for the 2014-15 marketing year

In the most recent marketing year, the United States exported more than 2.3 billion bushels of U.S. soy, valued at more than $27 billion, the United Soybean Board said Monday.

According to USDA, the final export total for the 2014-2015 marketing year, which ended Sept. 30, includes more than 1.8 billion bushels of whole U.S. soybeans, meal from 552 million bushels of U.S. soybeans and oil from 172 million bushels.

Exports accounted for 59% of U.S. soy demand this past marketing year.

Soybeans are loaded on a barge for export. (United Soybean Board photo)

"As a U.S. soybean farmer, I take pride in growing a high-quality product for my customers, whether they're five miles away or 5,000," says Bob Metz, U.S. Soybean Export Council board of directors. "These numbers show not only how much our international customers rely on our soybeans, but also how much we rely on our customers."

Top buyers of whole U.S. soybeans in 2014-15 include:
• China: 1.084 billion bushels
• Mexico: 130 million bushels
• Japan: 78 million bushels

Top buyers of U.S. soybean meal include:

• Mexico: meal from 85 million bushels of U.S. soybeans
• Philippines: meal from 66 million bushels
• Canada: meal from 39 million bushels

Top buyers of U.S. soybean oil include:
• Mexico: oil from 46 million bushels of U.S. soybeans
• Dominican Republic: oil from 22 million bushels
• Peru: oil from 19 million bushels

See the latest daily export sales.

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