Soybean Harvest Nearly Complete, Corn Continues to Lag

Some concerns about delays in corn harvest.

According to USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey 93% of the nation's soybean crop has been harvested, which is equal to the five year average. The last two weeks have been very productive with 17% of the crop harvested during that time.

With soybean harvest all but complete, most farmers have moved on to corn harvest, but it is not even close to being on pace.

"We've seen 32% of the corn harvested the last two weeks and the number nationally has reached 71%; the five year average is 88%," Rippey says. "Even though we saw really good progress in states like Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota, we still see fairly significant delays in most of those production states. Harvest is around 20% in many of those states."

Iowa is ahead of that at 62% harvested, but that trails by a wide margin the five year average of 90%. The situation is even worse in the Dakotas. The five year average in both states is 81%, but South Dakota is setting on 53% while North Dakota has only harvested 23%. Adding to the problem is the blizzard conditions that have hit the Dakotas in the past week.

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