Storms Keep Coming Through Midwest

High plains continue to miss out on the moisture.

It's been like a broken record this winter; every week a storm hits the Midwest but misses drought stricken areas in the Southern Plains. This week is no different with a storm expected to hit the Midwest late this week and carry into early next, and miss the winter wheat fields in Texas that are desperate for water.

"We've got a serious situation with wheat, especially in Texas with 60% very poor to poor," says USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey. "Last week's reports showing some problems elsewhere across the High Plains region with almost a quarter of the wheat in Oklahoma and Kansas are rated very poor."

The wheat market is nervous about the situation and Rippey says some wheat in Texas is already heading, looking for moisture that simply isn't there. And Rippey says the forecast for the next few weeks is bleak for the winter wheat areas that need rain the most.

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