Sunflower 4412 Aimed at Residue Management

New disc rips deep, leaves smooth surface.

The new Sunflower 4412 Disc Ripper Disc combines deep tillage with proven disc harrow design to reach deep and leave the surface a step closer to seedbed smooth.

Staggered overlapping front disc gangs slice through trash and bury it. Parabolic shanks rip deep and staggered rear gangs smooth and level the deep-tilled ground.

Sunflower's new 4412 Disc Ripper Disc provides for independent gang adjustment from the cab and rips 14-

to 18-inches deep, with a "conservation tillage" ground surface in its wake.

Shanks are set on 30-inch spacings on the 6X4-inch, 3/8-inch tool bar and are designed to handle hard ground with a 3,500 lb. trip setting. Operators can select from 14- or 18-inch maximum depths.

A parallel linkage allows the operator to change gang depths up to 8 inches without changing blade position or angle, and front and rear gangs can be adjusted from the cab.

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