Tackle tough stalks

Tackle tough stalks

Yetter's 5000 Devastator stalk roller makes short work of tire-puncturing corn stalks, and works with a wide variety of corn heads.

The bane of tractors and combines in the fall is the corn stalk. The strength of your average new-genetic corn stalk is actually higher than the toughest tire rubber made. That means stalks are digging in and causing problems. Tire companies recommend some way to cut through the stalks and take them out of the way and to do that Yetter offers the Devastator, which can now fit a wider range of combine heads.

This rolling tool crushes tough corn stalks and prevents premature tire damage, the company reports. Introduced in 2013, the combine head add-on now works with a rising number of combine heads. Models are now available to fit:

* CNH 4400 Series 6- and 8-row corn heads.

Mounted just behind the corn head Yetter's 5000 Devastator cuts through stalks to save on tire wear.

* John Deere 16-row corn heads

* Agco brands including Gleaner, Gleaner Hugger, Massey-Ferguson and Challenger 6- and 8-row heads.

* Claas and Lexion 8- and 12-row heads.

* Drago 12-row folding corn heads.

* Geringhoff 12-row folding corn heads.

You can check out a complete list of compatible models at yetterco.com.

The 5000 Stalk Devastator uses rollers to push stalks over, crushing them, which allows tires or tracks to roll on by. "Today's hybrids are designed to resist disease, insects and wind, but the tough stalks are destroying tires. This leads to downtime and expensive replacement," says Jim Lascelles, service manager at Yetter Farm Equipment. "With the price of tires and tracks at an all-time high, producers are looking for ways to make them last longer."

The Devastator's rollers successfully reduce stubble damage to the tires, wires and hydraulic hoses on seeding and tillage implements, combines, trucks and tractors, all while preserving enough ground cover to ensure growers still get the erosion-prevention benefits associated with residue. The crushed stalks, when knocked over, have more contact with the soil than if left standing, facilitating quicker plant tissue breakdown. Quick and easy to install, the Devastator is also designed to work with most header transport cards.

Learn more at yetterco.com.

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