'Thank Goodness For Permanent Facilities'

'Thank Goodness For Permanent Facilities'

Roads at the Farm Progress Show take rain and traffic well, show manager says

Early morning thunderstorms rolled across Boone, Iowa, Tuesday, bringing more than an inch of rain.

"Before we had permanent sites, 1.18 inches of rain would have certainly closed the show," said Matt Jungmann, National Shows Manager. "Thank goodness for permanent facilities."

Given the amount of rain received at the site, and the rain in the area, it would have been too wet to have field demonstrations this year - regardless if they were ready to go.

"The show site took it extremely well, the parking lots are alfalfa stands planted in 2008, and were as firm as they could be," Jungmann said.

"They took the rain and the traffic really well with the great crowd. Day one was a great success."

Roads at the Farm Progress Show take rain and traffic well, show manager says

Show visitors will find a wide range of new exhibits and enhanced technology updates available for their day at the show. The Farm Progress Show is the largest of its kind in the country and offers show visitors a one-stop shop for catching up on the latest information in crop protection, biotech traits, new iron and crop production enhancement tools.

The major equipment makers are all rolling out new tools, tractors, hay equipment and harvesters as part of this year's big show. Plan on joining more than 700 exhibitors on 100 acres of prime space east of Boone this week. Gates open at 8 a.m.

Keep up on the latest information about the show by visiting the Farm Progress Show website, or download the show app. The app provides for show notifications, if you have them turned on, which can be valuable during the event.

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