This Casts a New Light on Things

This Casts a New Light on Things

LED flashlight by 5.11 Tactical offers quick recharge and operation in all conditions.

This isn't your average Dollar-Two-Ninety-Eight flashlight and it does cost more than its competitors, but when you consider it will provide non-fading light up to two hours and will recharge in 90 seconds in a vehicle or on wall current, some arguments against it begin to dim.

The 5.11 Tactical UC3.400 LED flashlight is designed for law-enforcement but shows good promise for other industries needing a dependable light source and long life. The light uses ultracapacitors instead of batteries and advanced circuitry for quick recharges and controlled current drawdown during operation.

This flashlight would be a hit for Christmas giving, since it recharges in 90 seconds and provides two hours' of illumination or a strobe flash.

It's fully-sealed water-resistant construction has been tested from -40 degrees F. to 149 degrees F. and 5.11 Tactical says it will operate up to 10 years with no additional purchases.

The LEDs in the UC3.400 provide 270 lumens in bright mode and 90 lumens in the standard mode. Also, a third mode provides a 170-lumen strobe flash.

The light carries a suggested retail of $169. For more information, visit

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