Tillage lineup expands

Tillage lineup expands

Horsch adds 40-foot model to RT Joker lineup.

Horsch LLC has made a name for the company in North American with its RT Joker tillage series. The company is rolling out a 40-foot RT Joker model with a five-section design featuring adjustable down-pressure to follow ground contours and evenly distribute the machine's weight for precise tillage depth. The unit folds to 15-feet, 8-inches for transport.

New 40-foot rig from Horsch is designed to tackle tough tillage in a range of uses.

The company explains the RT40 has the same agronomic benefits as other RT Joker models for residue management and seedbed preparation, and it works to incorporate chemicals, fertilizer and manure. Using 20-inch notched blades providing precise soil engagement and residue sizing, the frame is designed to have optimal spacing between front and rear shanks for maximum soil and residue throughput.

The RT Joker also has the RollFlex Finishing System that consolidates soil to accelerate residue decomposition, create a firm seedbed and retain moisture for improved crop emergence. Other standard features on the new machine include heavy-duty walking tandem caster gauge wheels, easy depth control adjustment, a  hydraulic hitch jack and a RollFlex accumulator system. The unite requires tractor horsepower ratings of 500 or more to operate. Learn more at horsch.com.

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