Veneman Mentioned as Potential Obama Running Mate

Former ag secretary possibly under consideration for vice-presidential slot.

Former Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman, a member of the Bush Cabinet and lifelong Republican, was mentioned Saturday as a possible running mate for Democratic Presidential hopeful, Barack Obama. In a story published by, Democratic members of Congress reported that Obama's vice presidential search committee has raised Veneman's name as a potential candidate. They were quoted as saying Veneman was under consideration because she might garner support from uncommitted Republicans and Independents.

Neither the Obama campaign nor Veneman confirmed that she was under consideration, according to the story. Nonetheless, the rumor quickly swept the Internet. Veneman served as Secretary of Agriculture from 2001 through 2004 under President George W. Bush. She currently is the director-general of UNICEF, the UN agency for children, headquartered in New York City.

Veneman was among several names mentioned by the Obama's selection committee, headed by Caroline Kennedy and Eric Holder, according to the Politico story.

Source: Feedstuffs

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