Weldcraft Offers New TIG Torch

Air-cooled torch aims for comfort and convenience.

For those who do aluminum repairs or fabrication, Weldcraft has added the LS17 air-cooled torch to its lineup with an eye toward operator comfort and convenience.

Rated at 150 amps DC and 125 amps AC, the LS17 operates on a 60% duty cycle, and features an interchangeable fingertip switch to provide remote amperage control. The new model also sports a flexible knuckle joint at the bottom of the torch handle to permit more operator flexibility and reduced wear on power cables.

TIG TORCH: Weldcraft's new LS17 air-cooled TIG torch offers new flexibility and operator comfort for

aluminum fabrication and repairs.

The torch comes with either 12.5 foot or 25 foot single piece rubber cables.

The LS17 is compatible with all 10N Series consumables.

For more information contact Weldcraft at (800) 752-7620, or visit www.weldcraft.com.  

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