Winter Weather Just Won't Quit

Another storm set to hit Midwest and Northeast; while other areas could use it.

In what has become almost a weekly occurrence, a storm is making its way through the Midwest into the Northeast this week according to USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey.

"This progression of storms has left a very difficult winter for rural travel, for livestock across parts of the Midwest," Rippey says. "We're looking at snow depths of more than a foot in places like Madison, Wis."

To the south of the snow there is heavy thunderstorms and flooding and according to Rippey, more can be expected next week.

"Another pretty potent system is developing across the south-central United States," Rippey says. "So we need to be on the watch for more rain and snow in the Midwest."

While the storms this winter have left much of the Midwest either under deep snow or with heavy flooding, the Southern Plains in Texas and Oklahoma have missed almost all of the storms.

"We've actually seen drought development this winter," Rippey says. "You look at San Antonio and South-Central Texas; last year the wettest January through August on record followed by the driest September through February on record. So you've seen a stark turnaround in Texas."

Rippey says that turnaround caused some real problems with winter wheat establishment last fall and winter wheat remains in poor health as do pastures, and due to the dryness there is the danger of flash fires in many areas of Texas.

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