Woods Offers GroundMover-X

Six new loader models are available this season.

Six new GroundMover-X loader models are available from Woods Equipment Co. this season, including models for tractors from 20 to 90 horsepower.

Engineered for tractors from 28 to 90 hp with longer wheelbases, the new curved boom design of the GroundMover-X "LU" offers greater driver visibility and a cleaner look along with increased maneuverability and a shorter turning radius than competitors.

The "LC" models are made for tractors from 20 to 50 hp. All are available in seven colors.
The 4-bar bucket linkage of the GroundMover-X loaders permit a 35-degree bucket rollback to carry full loads with no loss. Depending upon the model, lift height will vary from 96 to 132 inches, and dump angle will range from 50 to 58 degrees.

All models feature wrenchless, 2-pin mounts for easy on and off tool switching.
For more information call (800) 319-6637, or visit www.WoodsEquipment.com.

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